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kuaibo movies heaven

  Another shootout in US: 3 killed, 7 wounded at block party in Indiana

Representational image.
Image Source : FILE PHOTO

Representational image.


  • Gunshots were fired during a block party in Indiana's Gary city
  • This was third shooting incident in US on or around occasion of July 4th Independence Day
  • Similar shooting incidents had taken place in Chicago, Philadelphia in US on July 4

Indiana shooting: At least three people are reportedly dead after gunshots were fired at 10 people at a block party in Gary, Indiana, BNO News reported.

It was the third such incident of shooting in the United States on the occasion of July 4 - Independence Day.

On Monday, 8 people were wounded, some critically, in a shooting in a Minneapolis park during unofficial Fourth of July celebrations, according to officials.

Police said the shooting took place about 11:30 pm Monday at Boom Island Park.

Panic in Philadelphia after July 4th shooting causes

Scores of people watching a Fourth of July fireworks show in Philadelphia ran for cover when gunshots rang out, forcing them to leave behind strollers and other personal items as they sought refuge from what many feared was an active shooter.

Two Philadelphia police officers working at the event suffered graze wounds when shots were fired shortly after the event started Monday in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The gunfire came just hours after another holiday shooting in suburban Chicago left at least six people dead and at least 30 wounded.

Witnesses in Philadelphia said they saw some people being run over or banged into as people tried to flee the packed crowd, with many running through or over metal fences that had been set up for crowd control purposes. No serious injuries were reported in the chaos, though many people said they had scrapes and bruises.

Investigators have not yet determined where the shots were fired from or how many were fired.

It's also unclear whether someone intentionally fired at the officers or if the shots possibly came from someone shooting off a weapon to celebrate the holiday or stray bullets from an unrelated shooting.

One officer suffered a wound to the forehead — with officials saying the bullet was found in the officer's hat — while the other was wounded in the shoulder. Both officers were treated at a hospital and were later released.

No other injuries were reported in the incident and no arrests have been made.

Speaking with reporters Monday night after the shooting, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said the increasing violence in the city has left him “looking forward to not being mayor.”

He also cited frustration over efforts to toughen gun laws.

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